Ready for #AmazonPrimeDay?! of my favorite days of the year (besides my birthday and Christmas) is AMAZON PRIME DAY! Hundreds of deals. Two Days. One Happy Teacher! It starts on Monday, July 15th and ends Tuesday, July 16th. I am going to show you my VERY FAVORITE Amazon Classroom products that you can get during Prime Day! … Continue reading Ready for #AmazonPrimeDay?!

How To: Create a Sub Binder

A "READY-TO-GO" Sub Binder is one of the most important things you can have as a teacher. While most of your absences are planned, there can be several un-planned ones throughout the year as well. After using a very strange, unorganized way of getting ready for a substitute, I decided to create my own Sub … Continue reading How To: Create a Sub Binder

Be OCD Like Me

If you're a teacher, I bet you know how to multi-task like a champ! You have to remember what activity is coming up next while trying to remember to gather make-up work for the student that's absent while remembering that you forgot to switch class jobs or change the calendar. For some teachers, multi-tasking and … Continue reading Be OCD Like Me