Classroom Tour

I started school last Tuesday, August 13th, and it has been a WHIRLWIND! My students have been great (fingers crossed!)…they are polite, sweet, ready to learn and LOVE being in third grade! Now that I am in my second week, I wanted to show you a CLASSROOM TOUR! As many of you know, I have been working on a classroom “refresh” for the past six months. I changed from a “bright-color” theme to a “travel” theme!

Come and follow along!

WELCOME BOARD – This is what you see right before you enter the classroom! I have always taken up a nice chunk of my outside bulletin board space for a welcome wall. I keep it up all year and I love looking at it! The “Adventure Awaits” sign is from Amazon, the “black road” is cut up black border, the stars I made myself and printed on white cardstock and I bought the “passports” at a local teaching store (Teacher’s Tools)!

LOCKER SPACE – When you enter the room and turn left, you immediately see a row of BRIGHT YELLOW lockers… haha. I’m not sure yellow was the color picked for the entire school but I kind of like them. Sometimes the space above the lockers is used for storage, but I wanted to decorate it so it stayed nice all year and so I wasn’t tempted to store things up there. I got the DISCOVER letters from Hobby Lobby and found the other items around town. (Pictures of each side are below).

On one side of the DISCOVER letters is this set up…the green train case is from my great-grandpa’s house and means so much to include it somehow. The camera picture stand is from Hobby Lobby. The globe and the camera on the right (actually a manual pencil sharpener) were found at TJ Maxx.

On the other side of the DISCOVER letters is this… The small suitcase was found at At Home, and the large suitcase was found at a flea market. The lightbulb with string lights inside was found at the same flea market (if you live in North Texas, go to Canton First Monday Trade Days!). The wooden sign is from Simply Stained Shop; it is just perfect for my classroom and that space!

WORK WALL and READING CORNER – This space looks totally different from the past couple of years and it’s all thanks to my favorite bench from IKEA and some vintage camera paper from JoAnn’s! I love showcasing student work in and out of my classroom so the mix of blue and camera paper was just perfect for the theme. I keep my pillows in the Otto Storage container and the students love to sit on the bench and rug!

BIG BOOK AREA – I have a Classroom Library area that I will show you later, but this spot sits next to the picture above. This suitcase was found at a local thrift store and was just perfect to hold all of my “bigger”, picture books that didn’t fit in my library.

CLASSROOM JOBS – The chicken wire frame (also found at Canton Trade Days) was always used for me to post pictures of school events. I decided I wanted to make the space more useful so I put my classroom jobs on it. I change out the student clips every two weeks but the fabulous tags are from Lindsay Flood on Teachers Pay Teachers!

INDOOR RECESS & STUDENT SUPPLIES – This area holds many different things. The city posters at the top are from Rifle Paper Co. (you will see more throughout the rest of the pictures). Underneath those is my Birthday Board…I use a magnet board from IKEA and section it off with washi tape! The white storage container is from Canton Trade Days and the bins inside are from the Container Store. The big wooden cart holds all of my math manipulatives and all of the indoor recess fun!

NOTEBOOK BINS & TURN IN TRAYS – On the left side of the picture is my new technology cart from Target. I have A MILLION cords that are running to the left of that that you can’t see but I’m hoping it’s a much cleaner area this year. In the built-ins are my new notebook bins from Walmart (similar link). I love the black/white design and the wooden handles! Above that are my turn-in trays for three math classes, spelling, writing, and miscellaneous.

ANCHOR OUR LEARNING BOARD – Hello more Rifle Paper City Prints! This wall is great for changing our anchor charts frequently. I put two nails in the wall for each chart and hung a metal clip from each. So if I need to change out a chart, I can unclip one and clip in another!

MY OTHER TEACHER AREA – While I have no picture of my desk area (how did that happen?!), I do have a picture of where I frequently sit while teaching. I keep all of my teacher notebooks in the metal bins leaning on the wall and sit at that small black table from IKEA (the chair is from there too!). I have a Top Grammar Mistakes bulletin board and my favorite new accessory…the vinyl airplane!

FRONT OF THE CLASSROOM – With the switch of the big classroom rug (a school purchase), this area looks so home-y! I decided to add four clocks of different global cities on the wall and the kids have been so interested in it! There are some of Rifle Paper City prints and the bungee chair is from Target (similar link)!

CLASSROOM LIBRARY and MAILBOXES – We are now back around to the door! This area holds the student mailboxes (given to me by a coworker), our lunch count magnetic board (same as the birthday board), my library filled with chapter books, and one more Rifle Paper City print!

A COUPLE MORE THINGS…MY PERSONALIZED GLOBE! – After winning an Instagram giveaway and finding out that a globe was part of the prize…I WAS ECSTATIC! Thank you Cory Harris Art on Etsy for turning these ideas into reality!

LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST…MY CAMERA TABLE NUMBERS – These vintage cameras were found at Canton Trade Days (seriously you need to go!) and we painted wooden numbers from Hobby Lobby and attached them together with fishing line! They make such a statement when you walk into my classroom and I’m so proud of them!

Well…YOU MADE IT TO THE END! Thank you for following along with me and my Classroom Tour! Everything that I knew for sure where it came from, I linked it! If you have any questions or comments, let me know!

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