Ready for #AmazonPrimeDay?!

GUYS…one of my favorite days of the year (besides my birthday and Christmas) is AMAZON PRIME DAY! Hundreds of deals. Two Days. One Happy Teacher! It starts on Monday, July 15th and ends Tuesday, July 16th. I am going to show you my VERY FAVORITE Amazon Classroom products that you can get during Prime Day!

As always…be sure to follow my Amazon Storefront to see everything that I recommend! I would like to tell you that if you choose to buy something from my lists, make sure to buy it from my store so I can get a little commission for recommending it. It is no extra cost to you 🙂

ITEM ONEMy ALL-TIME Favorite Teacher Bag – This bag is water resistant, has multiple inside pockets, has two top handles AND one big crossbody strap, and carries EVERYTHING you will need to take back and forth to school. This NNEE Oversized Tote Bag is $45.95 and is perfect for travel, a diaper bag, and a teacher bag. I loved how it could hold my laptop, grade book, planner, pencil pouch, iPad, papers to grade and so much more.


ITEMS TWO and THREEScotch PRO Thermal Laminator and Thermal Pouches – I decided to get a laminator last year for Christmas thinking I might use it every once and a while, but I have used it SO MUCH MORE than I originally thought. The laminator $39.99, heats up really quickly, never jams, and doesn’t peel. The thermal pouches are $16.99 currently but ALWAYS go on sale for $10! The lamination is so much thicker than at school and is great for laminating things that kids will use all the time!


ITEM FOURPenPal Pen Holders – These pencil grips/holders have SAVED my classroom sanity when it comes to losing pencils. I put one on the corners of all my student tables and do not let students leave my room until their pencil is back in the grip. I always have the fear at the beginning of the year that they will mess with them and pick them off…but they get so good at NOT messing with them that they get scared when one accidentally pops off. There is an assorted colored pack of 50 for $35.99 and it lasts me all year and even sometimes into the next year! It’s SO WORTH the money!

ITEMS FIVE and SIXiPad Charging Station and USB Cords – When I was told that I would have 20 devices in my room, I was excited because I would have enough devices per student but also worried on how/where I was supposed to charge all of them. **Enter this dock** I found this 10-Port (but only holds 8) Charging Station for $39.99 and it has been so worth the money. I also realized I needed smaller USB cords because the regular ones would get tangled together. I bought two packs of the 7-inch USB Cords and it makes this area look so much cleaner than before!

ITEM SEVENIRIS Project Cases – I always used to keep my math files in my filing cabinet but it wasn’t well organized and it bothered me! When Brooke from Teach Outside the Box posted about these cases, I knew they were the solution to my problem. I ordered the 10-Pack for $62.48 and while I knew it was pricey, it has made finding what I need even quicker. I created the spine covers to go inside and I love how it looks on my bookshelf!

ITEMS EIGHT, NINE, TEN, & ELEVENKindness Books – When I realized that World Kindness Day comes around every November, I knew I needed to stock up on Kindness books for my classroom. The ones I use frequently are We’re All Wonders, The Potato Chip Champ, Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun, and The Jelly Donut Difference. My third graders LOVE them and after we read one, we complete the Kindness Book Companion page from my bundle!

ITEM THIRTEENMagnetic Curtain Rods – I always hang up “I Can” Statement Cards on my front whiteboard but realized this year that magnetic hooks are not the best idea. I had seen someone else on Instagram post about Magnetic Curtain Rods and when I found the 2-Pack Black, I knew they would be the perfect match for my classroom. They are easy to put together and the black set are only $16.99!

ITEM FOURTEENAmazonBasic Felt Tip Pens – THESE PENS ARE MY FAVORITE! A student gave them to me for Christmas last year and I was a little skeptical since Papermate Flair Pens aren’t my fave (don’t hate). Y’all…these felt tip pens write so much smoother than flair pens and I could use them all the time! A 12-pack is $7.99 and a 24-pack is $15.99! Run don’t walk to get these NOW!

I hope you enjoyed my (not so small) Amazon FAVORITES LIST! Don’t forget about Prime Day coming up SOON on July 15-16!

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