Money Behavior Management System

Now that this will be my THIRD year in THIRD grade (WAHOO!)…I thought I would share what we do for our BEHAVIOR SYSTEM. It is a system that is all revolved around our third grade “school” money and they kids LOVE IT! It is a system that stays in tact all year and the kids don’t get bored with it. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR CLASSROOM/GRADE LEVEL/SCHOOL!

STEP NUMBER ONE: Your students will need a Behavior Chart! Our grading period goes by 9-Weeks so that’s what we do for our behavior chart. We edit them each nine weeks with the correct dates, upcoming special events and any other information that needs to be changed. We put them either in their binder or their green take home folder (why we picked green, I don’t know).

At the end of each day, the students get a sticker in their chart if they had a good day (no incidences, poor behavior, etc.) If something happened throughout the day (bad behavior), then the student will get a BILL.

A BILL is given whenever the student (group of students) choose to behave in a poor way. (Ex: talking out of turn after many warnings, forgetting something for class, not following directions, not showing respect for others, etc.) You choose how much you want the students to pay – $5, $10, $15, or $20 (my team does $10). When needed, fill one out for that student, staple it to their behavior chart, and have them pay you the correct amount. If you want, you can have the parent sign it and the student return it to you the next day. 

STEP NUMBER TWO: All About the Money! Students receive $20 each Monday morning for having their behavior chart signed over the weekend. Besides this $20, I give money out like it’s candy. Anytime we play a game, someone can earn money. Anytime a student is showing good behavior, I give them money. You can give it out for ANYTHING! (I got my money storage box from Michaels)

STEP NUMBER THREE: Trade-In Tuesday Fun! Each week on Tuesday, students can choose to spend the money they have earned. (I have had some students that want to save it all year and then spend it.) I have a menu that is posted somewhere in the room for students to see what they can purchase. They can get a PENCIL for $75, a MECHANICAL PENCIL for $125, a COUPON (Hat Pass, Shoes Off Pass, or Pen Pass) for $150, LUNCH WITH A FRIEND PASS for $300 or a TROPI-COOL TREAT (water bottle and a Kool-Aid Packet) for $500!

Now that you have heard our system…you can purchase it for your classroom in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for $3.00! Here are some FAQs about the resource:

Q: Can I edit this for my classroom?!

A: Absolutely! The Behavior Chart and Trade-In Tuesday posters are most definitely EDITABLE! I have provided you with the template and you can do the rest!

Q: What is in color and what is in black/white?!

A: For the sake of making printing easier, everything provided is in black and white. I chose to print my coupons on colored cardstock and laminate them to last longer.

Q: Is the money included?!

A: Sadly, no. This money that we use was printed YEARS ago and I’m not even sure where it came from. You can get online or on Teachers Pay Teachers and look up “play” money to use.

Thank you for hanging out with me and learning a little bit more about how my classroom works! If you have any questions…leave a comment!

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