My Favorite 3rd Grade Lesson

Every activity has meaning for a student but when you literally set the scene, the meaning comes to life! My professional development goal this year was to create more Classroom Transformations. I wanted to make my students feel like they were really transported somewhere else. We look at the same four walls everyday but when it turns into a campsite, a beach, or anything else…it takes us all somewhere.

Welcome to Multiplication City! …where you can travel the world to study Multiplication facts each day… where you can take flight and earn stamps in a passport… and where you can pretend to be a world traveler by just stepping inside my room.

I found this idea from Upper Elementary AdventuresMultiplication Passport. I was mesmerized by the way it was set up and by the way it made learning those 0-12 facts…FUN!

On Day 1…each student had a clipboard, a passport and pencil waiting for them at their seat. They had directions to write their name on it and color their passport cover (I wanted them to take ownership in it).

I also had created another passport that would hang in the hall (right picture above). Each time they passed through a city, I wanted them to put a sticker on the one in the hall so that way other students and teachers could see what we were working on.

The other 3rd grade Math teacher and myself decided that we wanted to kick off the unit with a BANG, so we asked students to dress up in their best Tacky Tourist attire. We set up this photobooth area in the hall so we could take students’ pictures with the props and banner! (I also bought these balloons but couldn’t get them blown up in time…will use next year!)

Out of our 96- 3rd Graders, we had 61 dress up that day! We definitely made a statement walking throughout the school! We had the best day starting off our Multiplication unit!

We worked on the passport for SIX weeks (and no my decorations did not last that long!) We had many students ask to keep doing it and they were sad when it was over! I am so thankful for a teammate who wants our students to have fun experiences and we can’t wait to try it next year.

Do you do Classroom Transformations/Makeovers in your room?! If so…tell me what you’ve done!

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