How To: Stay Classroom Organized

So…while putting this post together and gathering pictures, I realized that I did a VERY similar post already called Be OCD Like Me. Even though that post focuses on classroom organization…it focuses on the “paper” side of it (turning in papers, storing copies, calendars, checklists). I decided to still write this one because it focuses on staying organized with EVERYTHING else!

Throughout this post…I will show you how I organize myself at the beginning of the year, during the year, and the end of the year. Comment at the bottom with your favorite way to stay organized in your classroom!

Organizing your classroom partly begins with your DESK! I VERY recently got rid of my office-looking desk. I had it for three years and it worked perfectly UNTIL I realized (three weeks ago) that I didn’t have anywhere that I could pull and work with students. I decided to part ways with my desk and gain a teacher (kidney) table instead. I found two “coffee table” trays from Hobby Lobby to hold my things (see below) and it has totally transformed my teaching. It’s the little things…right?!

Going with the above picture… when I got rid of my teacher desk, I lost the drawers that came with it. I knew I still needed a place to hold my things but could easily remove when students were working there. My teammate has a similar setup and went to Hobby Lobby to find a “coffee table” tray to use. I went the next day and found these metal trays. I have two… one for my supplies (see above) and one for that day’s copies. It really has been a blessing to have students work at my table and still being able to keep it organized.

Do you have technology in your classroom?! While it has so many PROS…it always has some CONS. For instance…where can I charge TWENTY DIFFERENT pieces of technology?! When I found out that we were gaining 11 iPads this year along with 4 MacBooks and 5 Chromebooks, I knew I needed something to help the students and myself stay organized. I found this dock and these little USB cords from Amazon (the best!) and it has been amazing. While it charges 10 iPads, it only holds 8 and I usually put the two extras on a different dock.

Do you have a functional filing cabinet…or is it filled with things you will NEVER use/need?! When I received my teaching position, I knew I wanted a filing cabinet that would be USEFUL to me and my classroom. I went to IKEA (my favorite store for my classroom) and bought this three-drawer cabinet. This is how it’s used: 1st Drawer – holds all my student information, 2nd Drawer – information from PD, inservices, etc., and 3rd Drawer – ALL the ASTROBRIGHT paper!

**Raise your hand if you have a Sub Binder!** If you don’t, you are MISSING OUT! After using a strange way to organize information for my substitutes, I decided to create my own Editable Sub Binder Series on TpT. I created this binder exactly how I would want to use it. It includes a Seating Chart, Welcome Letter, Classroom Checklists, Classroom Management, Transportation List, and so much more!

These are my new best friends! After following Brooke from Teach Outside the Box for quite some time, I noticed that she posted about these Project Cases from Amazon. Each one would hold everything needed for one unit. I decided I would try them out for my Math files. I bought the pack of 10 and created a cute cover for each one. I love them SO MUCH more than I thought I would. It is so much cuter than putting your files in a filing cabinet and if you have little examples, task cards, etc…they will fit all together!

Last but not least…in addition to my teacher table (desk), I also have this table at the front of the room. It’s from IKEA, extremely inexpensive and has lasted for FOUR years so far. It holds my iPad stand (document camera), school phone, another caddy of teacher supplies and is near my Anchor Chart board and my teacher notebook storage. While it can be exhausting moving from the back of the room to the front and vice versa, it keeps me more organized because I have TWO spaces for my things. I don’t have to cram it all into one spot and I have the freedom to sit in different places around the room.

If you made it this far…CONGRATULATIONS! I hope this helped give you an idea or two about how to organize your own classroom. Feel free to leave a comment or question about your favorite organization piece or wanting to know more 🙂

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