How to: Flexible Seating

Question: Are you the type of teacher that does Flexible Seating all the time OR are you the the type of teacher that allows flexible seating sometimes during independent work OR are you the type of teacher that doesn’t allow it at all?

Every teacher is different…every teacher builds their classroom on what works for them AND for their students. The teacher might change their setup and rules from year to year based on the students or just change the look for some new scenery.

I will let you know that I am the teacher that is right in the middle…allows flexible seating during independent work time. I want to share with you how I use FLEXIBLE SEATING in my third grade classroom and what options I give my students when they can get up and move.

This is in the front of my classroom. Ever since I started putting together my first classroom, I wanted a table that is lowered to the floor. I didn’t want students sitting here all the time, but wanted an option of a different, inexpensive seating option. I simply took the legs off of the table and stored them away. This table usually has items on it that we need for that day such as: math games, notebook paper, math manipulative, etc…but occasionally you will find it cleared off like the picture above.

This Bungee Chair is from Target (my favorite store!) and similar to this one. It has been a fan-favorite for the past three years and hasn’t been stretched out! This is usually the seat in my room that is fought over the most. The students learn from the beginning that we sit in it to work only…not bounce so far down that we can skyrocket out of it! 🙂

Since I only have tables in my classroom, these two desks are great options for students who want to be separated from the group. I used to have two regular student desks sitting here but our library received new furniture at the beginning of the year…so I inherited these two “cooler” desks (as my students call them).

Who doesn’t love a Book Chair? I found this wooden chair at an antique store a couple years ago and decided to use pages of Charlotte’s Web to decorate it. I tore out multiple pages of the book and Mod-Podged them (several times) over the chair seat. About half of my students LOVE this chair and the other half question why I would ever tear apart a book…oh dear… 🙂

Oh IKEA…you are my favorite! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I have a ton of classroom furniture from IKEA. This bench (currently out of stock online) is a new addition as of January 2019 and it is a class favorite! It comfortably seats three students and I added some cute Target Dollar Spot pillows to it.

Thanks for reading along about my favorite Classroom FLEXIBLE SEATING! Comment if you do Flexible Seating and if you do…what’s your favorite option to have for your students?