Why CHANGE is a Good Thing…

Have you ever had to change job positions more than you would’ve liked?

I have moved grade levels three different times in the four years I have been teaching, which didn’t come as surprise, but did come with MANY challenges! The picture above shows my THIRD year of teaching in my THIRD new grade level and I was teaching THIRD grade. I had to adjust to new teammates, new curriculum, new students (and new parents), new classrooms, new classroom management skills and so much more. I have faced many different problems throughout this time that sometimes “I just wish I could stay in ONE SPOT!”, and I have said that for years. I have become the teacher that has moved more times in four years than most people move in a lifetime. I have had those moments where I have said, “I just want to reuse my lesson plans just ONCE,” instead of creating new ones each year. But the thoughts that ALWAYS come back to me are that… “I still work at a fabulous school no matter what grade level I’m in” and “I’ve become someone who is really adaptable to change.”

My word for my teaching career is CHANGE, and change isn’t always a bad thing. I have met and become close to SO MANY teachers throughout moving grade levels at my school. I have become familiar with all of the TEKS for 3rd-5th grade. I know the end goal for students in 5th grade so I can start getting them there now, and I truly love what I do and that hasn’t CHANGED.

Whether you’re a teacher or not, everyone has a change some point in their career. Most people do not stay in one spot and that’s OKAY. It’s okay to become adaptable and an expert in more than one thing. It’s okay to love what you do but have to leave it for better reasons, and it’s okay to adjust and learn something new. 

During our 2018 District Convocation, speaker Leslie Latham Milder (author of Hello, My Name is Public Education), said many things during her time that I immediately wrote into my phone. My favorite from her is this… “Everyone loves a fireman because they put out fires every day. They save lives and it’s one of the most loved jobs. Not everyone loves an educator, but teachers are doing the same thing. We are putting out fires every day! How many fires have you put out during your teaching career?”… and my goodness IT’S SO TRUE! Teachers are constantly putting on Band-Aids, putting friends together, calming down angry parents, planning a lesson for tomorrow, etc.

 Teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the world, and I’m not just saying that because I am one.  They have to adapt, adjust, and CHANGE all the time. They are made to encourage teammates, love on students who don’t have a good home life, be a friend, be a protector, be a healer, and most importantly… build future world CHANGERS so that our world will become everything we want for our children and students.

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